About us

Our objective is to become the leading online destination in Nepal for digital purchases and achieve this by being attentive to your needs and by ensuring the right selection of products on our digital platform.

The initial idea for Phuche.com came about when our founder was consulting a European MNC on their E-commerce strategy, and then realized the need for an enjoyable and professional E-commerce site in his home country, Nepal.

Upon returning to Nepal, we set about bringing this vision to life by identifying the initial segment that would benefit the most from our mission. After much deliberation, we decided to launch the site, focusing initially on the baby care segment.

We feel that mothers give so much of their life taking care of others, and we can give back to them in our own little way, by delivering their requirements right to the comfort of their homes.  We will also be posting relevant content on our Blog section and Facebook page, that we hope you will find interesting!

We hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience with us. In case you have any suggestions or comments, or you would like to see a certain product on our site, please get in touch with us atinfo@phuche.com.

Happy Shopping!


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