Shame, shame puppy shame, All the monkeys know your name!!

We all might have heard it and felt ashamed when someone teased us saying “Shame, shame, puppy shame. All the monkeys know your name?” But have you wandered about who this teasing sentence came from? Who started it? How someone came to use this to tease a child?

With reference to various blogs about it, there might be a possibility that this was originated from INDIA.

In India, one can see monkeys around backyard garden; they climb trees to pluck fruits etc. The climate is very hot and babies are left out even without a napkin till they grow a little bit older. But when they grow up, they are expected to cover their below waist portion and not reveal it even to the young ones around them, when exposed the people tease them by saying shame, shame puppy shame, just to make him cover his below waist portion. However, no one will says ‘Shame, shame Puppy shame’ when a kid wears a napkin.


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