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Shame, shame puppy shame, All the monkeys know your name!!

We all might have heard it and felt ashamed when someone teased us saying “Shame, shame, puppy shame. All the monkeys know your name?” But have you wandered about who this teasing sentence came from? Who started it? How someone came to use this to tease a child?

With reference to various blogs about it, there might be a possibility that this was originated from INDIA.

In India, one can see monkeys around backyard garden; they climb trees to pluck fruits etc. The climate is very hot and babies are left out even without a napkin till they grow a little bit older. But when they grow up, they are expected to cover their below waist portion and not reveal it even to the young ones around them, when exposed the people tease them by saying shame, shame puppy shame, just to make him cover his below waist portion. However, no one will says ‘Shame, shame Puppy shame’ when a kid wears a napkin.


Ear infection and its Remedies

Ear infection or earache in children is common amongst the age group of 0-3 years, causing babies much pain and discomfort. It has a tendency to get worse in the winter as the cold winds and the dry air start enveloping us. Being a parent, you would want to make earache go away immediately. But antibiotics may not be the best option if your baby is too little. Thankfully, there are some excellent home remedies that can help your baby feel better very quickly!

Is your little kid pulling her ear constantly? Is she not sleeping well, crying, or desires to be held more than usual? Babies find it hard to communicate and explain the exact cause of their discomfort. But these signs could indicate, especially in cold weather, a problem you need to guard against: earache. Ear pain is a common illness among kids. Symptoms may vary from child to child, but the one unifying theme is their relentless discomfort. Typically, a cold or respiratory infection is the harbinger of ear pain in your child, but there are other factors that can cause earaches in children too.

Causes of Ear Pain:

Fluid Build Up: The Eustachian tube is shorter in younger kids than compared to adults. Hence, fluid is likely to build up more in the eardrum and cause ear pain in kids.

Blocked Ear Canal: Your child’s ear canal may be injured due to poking or blockages from ear wax.

Overuse of Pacifiers: Sucking pacifiers constantly pulls fluid from nose and throat to the middle of the ear, hence causing ear pain.

Bacterial Infection: Bacteria from milk, being fed through a bottle, external factors like environmental irritants, or hereditary reasons can also cause an ear infection, leading to discomfort or pain.

Know the Symptoms:

Your child has a fever ranging from 100°F – 104°F

There’s a discharge of yellow, brown, or white fluid from your child’s ears

Your kid is cranky

He constantly pokes his ears with his fingers

Your baby shakes his head frequently

Your little bundle of joy suddenly becomes hard to deal with

Your baby has very disturbed sleep

Natural Home Remedies for Ear Pain Relief:

Onion – Whole or Juiced:

The warmth of an onion along with its antiseptic properties works well in healing earaches in children. Crush an onion and wrap it in a cloth and place on the ear. You may also grate the onion to extract its juice and heat it over low heat. Put 2-3 drops into the ears and keep it for a few minutes.

Ginger Juice:

Ginger has a natural agent that serves as an excellent painkiller. Crush the ginger to extract its juice and put it directly into the ears. This should reduce the pain and also the inflammation. Keep it for 5-10 minutes and repeat twice a day.

Juice of Neem/Basil Leaves:

Both these leaves contain anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties and are considered good home remedies for ear pain in kids. Crush a few leaves to extract the juice and put a few drops into your kid’s ears. Let it stay for a while and drain out by turning the head on the other side.

Essential Oils of Mustard/Olive:

Mustard and olive oil help get rid of infection quickly, thus making this is a fast remedy for ear pain in kids. Lukewarm any of these oils and put 3-4 drops into the ears, twice a day. This should also help to stop the buzzing sound your baby suffers from.

Warm Compresses:

Place a warm cloth soaked in hot water, or a hot water bag wrapped in a towel, against the aching ear. Keep repeating this to lessen your child’s ear pain.

Hair Dryer:

Doesn’t sound familiar? But it’s a great way to provide relief from earaches in children! Set your dryer on warm and hold it a little away from the ears. The heat will dry the accumulated fluid in the ear and soothe your child’s ear pain. Do not use it for more than five minutes.

These remedies prove to be very effective in managing earache in young children. However, consult a pediatrician if the pain aggravates or if the body temperature rises. Ear pain in kids can be a distressing experience both for you and your child. It is thus important to give this condition immediate attention.


Source: World of moms