Happy Mother’s Day

We all love our mother. We have our own ways to call our mother. Some say, ‘Aama (Nepali)’ or even ‘Budi Mau (Nepali)’, ‘Mom’, ‘Mommy’ and various other ways with love. They are our first friend, a guardian angel who always look for different ways to protect us from any difficulties in life. Mothers hold a special place in our heart and stir our emotions when their name is mentioned or remembered. Our friends and family play a large role in who we are today, and who we will be in the future. However, the biggest influence may come from our family, specially from our mother. Mothers have always been the ones who understand the things you say and do. Who always overlook your faults and sees the best in you. They have that special love and care for you to inspires you day by day.

Thus, on this mother’s day lets all appreciate the value of our guardian angel and respect what she has done from the day you started living in her womb till this very day. Happy Mother’s Day!!


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