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Do you know what Surrogacy is?

In general, the process of carrying of a pregnancy for intended parents is called Surrogacy. Intended parents may seek a surrogacy arrangement when either pregnancy is medically impossible, pregnancy risks present an unacceptable danger to the mother’s health or is a same sex couple’s preferred method of procreation.

There are few people from abroad who are stuck due to surrogacy in Nepal. They were consulted to follow the process in Nepal. However, after the birth of their surrogated baby their applications for their babies’ visa have been denied.


Liat Svartsman is among one of the parent who had been applying for couple of times to get an exit visa for their baby and being rejected. “We are desperate to take our baby home. We haven’t breached any laws in Nepal so why is the government not allowing us to take the baby?” he said.

The couple opined that the government should let them take home the babies even if the government doesn’t want surrogacy services to continue in Nepal.

The couple had their first baby through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Israel, second one through a surrogate in India while the third baby was born through an Indian surrogate in Nepal.

When asked why did the couple opt for surrogacy in Nepal, Liat replied, “Our agent — Tamuz International – convinced us that surrogacy is easier in Nepal compared to India so we came here.”

I hope the Government of Nepal will feel responsible enough and take a correct decision for the parents who are facing these problems in Nepal.

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Happy Mother’s Day

We all love our mother. We have our own ways to call our mother. Some say, ‘Aama (Nepali)’ or even ‘Budi Mau (Nepali)’, ‘Mom’, ‘Mommy’ and various other ways with love. They are our first friend, a guardian angel who always look for different ways to protect us from any difficulties in life. Mothers hold a special place in our heart and stir our emotions when their name is mentioned or remembered. Our friends and family play a large role in who we are today, and who we will be in the future. However, the biggest influence may come from our family, specially from our mother. Mothers have always been the ones who understand the things you say and do. Who always overlook your faults and sees the best in you. They have that special love and care for you to inspires you day by day.

Thus, on this mother’s day lets all appreciate the value of our guardian angel and respect what she has done from the day you started living in her womb till this very day. Happy Mother’s Day!!